GINS & GINT (Send text with Bluetooth + Keyboard)

GINS and GINT are applications to use in pairs.

Send text entered in GINS to GINT via Bluetooth.

GINT is a compact soft keyboard with only convenient editing keys and outputs text received from GINS directly to the input field.

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GINS (Send text)

GINS 'send text with Bluetooth

GINS 'send text with BT (Free


GINT (Receive text + editing keys)

GINT 'BT receiver + keyboard

GINT 'BT receiver + K/B (Free

Demo movie


GINS & GINT Summary

GINS & GINT are recommended in such cases

  • You have multiple Android machines with Bluetooth.
  • You want to use the editing screen more widely (such as editor, office application and so on).
  • There is no favorite hard keyboard, or there is no necessity to carry a hard keyboard.
  • Environment where keyboard can not be placed or is difficult to use. (Such as lying down)

GINS & GINT using

  • Since input work can be unified into one favorite soft keyboard, editing efficiency improve, dictionary management will be easier, etc.
  • On the GINT keyboard there are cursor keys with shift lock function, Enter key and Backspace key. fine adjustment of range selection which is not good with Android can be done accurately.
    In addition, if you press and hold a key, more useful keys appear. PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, Ctrl + Home, Ctrl + End, etc. can also be input.
    Tab, halfwidth Space and Fullwidth Space can also be entered, and Del key can also be input.
  • There is a possibility that it will be lighter than carrying a hard keyboard.
  • If you already have multiple Android machines, it is cheaper than buying a new keyboard.
  • Secure RFCOMM Bluetooth socket is used for communication.

Difference from a hard keyboard

  • Sentences can be sent. (Since the application does not limit the amount of transmission, as long as the performance permits, it is possible to transmit long sentences, for example, over 30,000 characters and over 100 KB.)
  • You can use your favorite soft keyboard and You can entering pictograms too.
  • For GINT, you can focus on editing without disturbing about conversion candidates going out or disappearing.
  • GINT can receive from multiple GINS. (It is not possible to receive simultaneously, it is necessary to shift the timing.)
    (For example, it is also possible to write to one editor with GINT by multiple people with GINS.)
  • Since GINS can have up to 10 history, you can improve the efficiency when you repeatedly enter similar sentences. (Even if transmission fails, it can be recovered easily.)
  • Even when not using GINS, it can be used as the second Android machine.

Common issues (that can not be solved with applications)

  • Depending on performance and environment, when the high transmission frequency continues, GINT may display a ready status, but there is no response even if text is transmitted.
    When GINT falls into nonresponsiveness, please try redisplaying the GINT keyboard. (hide the keyboard and put it out again)
  • Cause some Bluetooth debris used in the past is affecting to send and receive may not be successful.
    When communication is in bad condition,please try restarting both Bluetooth. (turn it off once and turn it on again)
  • Please check whether other applications and surrounding environment are interfering with communication.


  • These applications never collect communication data and personal information.
  • In case of trouble with these applications, I will make efforts for renovation, but I will not be responsible.
  • Even if any damage caused by the use of these applications by any chance, I will not compensate or take responsibility at all.

The permission required for installation and purpose of use are described below.

  • pair with Bluetooth devices
    (It is used for communication by Bluetooth.)
  • access Bluetooth settings
    (It is used for restarting Bruetooth. (turn it off once and turn it on again))
  • control vibration (GINS only)
    (Vibration will be done on successful transmission. You can turn it off by settings.)

Special notes on free edition

The following permissions required for installation are used only for advertisement.

  • full network access
  • receive data from Internet
  • view network connections
  • prevent phone from sleeping

With the paid edition, these permissions are unnecessary, advertisements are not displayed, and the size and power consumption of the applications are small.
Please consider introducing the paid edition, if you can judge these applications are useful.

Special notes on paid edition

  • Be sure to check with the free edition beforehand.
  • Returns and refunds will only be handled within the extent that you can operate on Google Play. I will not correspond individually.

When you send trouble information etc.

  • Please provide information that is likely to be a clue to understand the cause as much as possible.
  • After as much as possible to determine whether the problem will be improved by refurbishing the application, provide the information please.
    (For example, trouble in communication can be caused by problems of the surrounding environment or interference by other applications. I do not have the power to improve your environment or to refurbish other applications.)
  • In the case of e-mail etc., I will use the personal information only for the communication of the relevant requirement and will make every effort to prevent leakage. However, unless there is a legal or moral problem.

Let's take a closer look at GINS & GINT


GINS (Send text)


GINT (Receive text + editing keys)

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