GINS (Send text)

It is an application that you can send text by Bluetooth.

(It is necessary to execute GINT on the receiving side.)

You can enhance your efficiency by consolidating the input work into one using your favorite keyboard.

(GINT on the receiving side is very compact and can use the screen widely.)

Since history is also stored, it can be retransmitted even if transmission fails.

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GINS (Send text)

GINS 'send text with Bluetooth

GINS 'send text with BT (Free


GINT (Receive text + editing keys)

GINT 'BT receiver + keyboard

GINT 'BT receiver + K/B (Free

Demo movie


GINS Usage

Both portrait or landscape, either is fine

GINS is considering the placement so that the operation buttons do not leave greatly from the hands both vertically and horizontally.

GINS portrait

On the vertical screen, the operation buttons are arranged downward.

GINS landscape

On the horizontal screen, the operation buttons are divided into left and right ends.

The button size can be adjusted to some extent.

Please use in conjunction with your favorite soft keyboard.

White or Black

White and black can be selected as the background color of GINS. Please use in more workable one.

GINS Background White

GINS Background Black

Easy to use

GINS does not interfere with the work rhythm because you can be about to create the next text even while GINS is sending text.

Since it vibrates briefly when transmission is successful, confirmation of transmission can be done smoothly. (Vibration can be turned off.)

Also, the transmission result will be displayed for a while. (You can adjust the displaying position to some extent.)

GINS Transmission success message

Even if communication fails

In order to make the communication successful,

  • Both Bluetooths are on.
  • Both Androids are paired.
  • The GINT keyboard with receiver's side is displayed and it is in the reception standby state.
  • You have specified the destination correctly in GINS.

Above conditions are mandatory.

Conversely, if at least one condition is lacking, communication will not succeed. Thus, due to the nature of the applications, communication will often fails than you thought.

In order to make it easier to grasp the situation as much as possible, GINT displays a message even when a failure occurs.

Below is an example of a message displayed when a failure occurs.

GINS Sending failure message 1

GINS Sending failure message 2

GINS Sending failure message 3

GINS will attempt to connect and send to GINT only on transmission. GINS, which is the sender, is more likely to detect communication failure, but most of the reasons may be that the GINT side is not ready to receive it.

History management

In GINS, it is possible to retain some history in case of retransmission at the time of communication failure or in case you want to send similar text repeatedly.

Although the number at the "p.0" on the screen is normally 0, by pressing the

GINS Prev button
button you can go back to the history as 1, 2, ... ....

The timing to be stored in the history is when editing and changing the text, then pressing the Send

GINS Send button
button or Prev
GINS Prevボタン
button or Next
GINS Nextボタン
button to move the text edit frame.

In the initial state, the number of history holdings is set to 5, but it can be increased up to 9 by settings. (p.0~9)

Settings screen

GINS Settings screen

Other features

When you press the Menu

GINS Menu button
button, "Reselect" and "BT_Restart" menus appear in addition to "Settings".


Please select "Reselect" when you want to change the destination.

"BT_Restart" temporarily turns off Bluetooth and turn it on again. Please try it when communication is out of order.

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